Monday, November 13, 2017

Downtown Las Vegas / 7th And Carson

 A few weekends ago 7th and Carson hosted the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers group for a little pre-Halloween brunch. I had had this little Downtown  gem on my list for a while, but just hadn't made it in. From the minute we walked through the door and were greeted by these spicy watermelon beauties, I knew I had put it off far too long.

First out of the kitchen was this parfait of Greek yogurt, housemade granola and berries

quickly followed by this amazing salad with grilled peaches and burrata. With every dish that was brought out of the kitchen and presented to us, I kept thinking that the food was more and more beautiful and each taster absolutely amazing. 

And it just kept coming. Just as beautiful as the food is the ambiance. 7th and Carson is not a huge venue, but it's well laid out with a chef's bar, a bar and a grouping of tables including a large communal table. With lots of warm wood, the focal point has got to be the tile tops of the table. The restaurant has gone so far as to use the patterns of the table as part of their branding, including the patterns on their business cards. 

 Additional courses included chicken and waffles

and French toast with lavender infused syrup. The syrup had a delicate floral flavor that cut the normal sweetness of maple syrup. 

 Dare I say that I'm not a huge avocado toast fan and be allowed to keep my blog? Well, I haven't been, then I was served this enormous slab of delicious toasty bread, smeared with soft, perfectly ripe avocado and a beautifully poached sous vide egg with a soft but not runny yolk. I personally prefer a yolk that is a firmer, gooey bite instead of runny, so this was perfectly cooked for me.

A crowd favorite of the group was the breakfast pizza. There was a vegetarian in our group, so Chef very kindly placed bacon on only half of the pizza, but can you tell? Those are scrambled eggs that were so perfectly prepared they melted into the cheese and crust. 

Chef hard at work in his kitchen.

If you are planning a visit to Vegas and are looking for a restaurant Downtown, you can do no better than dropping by 7th and Carson. If you are a local, you should run and not walk as soon as possible to pay a visit. I know that I will be putting this spot into regular rotation. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Favorites / Sugarpova, Pinches Tacos, Pur-lisse Sheet Masks

I love sour gummies. I’m not that big of a fan of gummy bears, but if they are sour, I love them and usually the more sour the better. I was given these Sugarpova gummies recently to review, and even though they aren’t overly sour, I really enjoyed them. They didn’t have that weird bitter taste that sour candy can often have, and these instead of being all one flavor such as lime or just sweetly sour were all a different mixture of fruit flavors, so one could be lime and cherry and another blueberry and lemon. An added bonus is that a portion of the proceeds from each bag sold goes to support the Maria Sharapova Foundation.

One of the first restaurants we found after moving to Las Vegas was Pinches Tacos. The irony is that Pinches is all over L.A., yet we never went there when we lived in Pasadena. Pinches recently hosted a blogger’s lunch, and I had the opportunity to try some menu favorites that I hadn’t ordered yet. Since Pinches has a full bar, the day started off with the most amazing blood orange margaritas quickly followed by housemade chips with salsa and guacamole, tacos, flautas, and my favorite the Mexican corn on the cob. I could eat it all day every day.

I am the ultimate Rifle Paper Co. fan girl. I found Anna Rifle Bond’s work a few years ago, and every time I see something in a store or online, I’m instantly drawn to it. This year I’ve had a small monthly calendar sitting in a small easel-holder on my desk, and I’ve really come to really on it far more than my monthly calendar hanging next to my desk. I saw this navy and gold-embossed constellation calendar and knew it was the one. Using the positions of the stars then adding the connecting lines as the basis, each drawings overlays an amazing depiction the mythological story for each one.

There’s a reason these are called favorite posts - obviously they are full of things that are my favorites, but this month I feel like I’m just gussing, but all these things are just so good. I mean velvet. I love velvet, and these pillows in Anthropologie are what I dream about. So soft in both pastels and jewel tones, I couldn’t decide which way to go. I love the rose and the burgundy and feel justified in getting both and switching them out seasonally since both go with my living room decor.

Finally I was given this Pur-lisse Blue Lotus and Seaweed sheet mask to review. I had never been a big fan of sheet masks thinking they were all hype until recently. This mask is another that I enjoy. It’s extremely hydrating and left my skin so soft and smooth with all the roughness gone after I removed it and rubbed in the remaining product. And sheet masks are the ultimate excuse to just sit and relax for 15 minutes as we get to the crazy busy holiday season. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Pixar Film Fest

Over the summer when our daily schedules weren’t jam packed with meetings, rehearsals, early assemblies, and school runs, we had more time for leisurely family evenings. We tried playing some games but couldn’t quite find one that all of us could agree upon. We scrolled through Netflix and Amazon Prime but couldn't agree on a series to marathon. Then one night while having another discussion of what to watch and not reaching an agreement, we noticed The Incredibles in our Netflix suggestions. Why not do a Pixar marathon? So we did.

We decided to watch in chronological order because I’m kind of OCD about reading and watching series in order. If you're like me, the order is:

If you decide to do your own film fest, not all of the movies are on Netflix. We used a combination of that, Amazon Video and Red Box. 

We went at a pretty good clip getting through all 18 films. As I started preparing to write this post, I asked D and A to rate their top three. In so specific order they are:

Toy Story
Toy Story 2
The Incredibles
Monsters, Inc.
A Bug’s Life

I found it amusing that except for Up ending up on both D and my lists, we had no duplicates for favorites. And we do seem to have a preference for the older films on the list.

If you have younger kids, you may not think that watching Cars A-G-A-I-N is a fun Saturday night, but if you are like us, it had been years since we had watched some of these movies. It had been so long since we watched some of them that we felt like we were seeing them for the first time, and I caught so many jokes this time around that I had missed before. In a few months we plan to watch a few of our favorites again to look for hidden Easter eggs.

Have you been through the entire Pixar catalog? Which is your favorite?