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Reading Slump

Like so many things that have changed over the years, my love of reading and turning to it in times of stress has undergone a major transition.  For so many years, reading was a daily passion; it was the past time I fit into every day, and I felt incomplete if I didn't read at some point in every day.  My love of reading led me to choosing English as my major in college, and I spent several years focusing on reading Victorian novels.  No matter how much I had on my plate during my studies, I was always reading another novel of some kind at the same time as all of my school books.  Reading has seen me through some tough times in my life; hiding in a bookstore or library, choosing my next read, finding time to forget my woes and lose myself between the pages were all I needed to relax, unwind, and find some peace.

At some point over the last two or three years, reading has stopped working in this way for me.  I'm not sure if it's a different level of stress or different kinds of stressful events, but now I can't shut it out and get into the book.  The bad stuff just keeps rearing its ugly head.


I haven't finished a book in over a month.  I'm staring at quite a nice to-be-read pile, but I haven't cracked a cover.  You can tell by the books, that I have eclectic taste, but I stick to some clearly defined genres.  I love mysteries or crime fiction, or whatever you want to call it, but I don't care for true crime. I do like non-fiction specifically about fashion and the history of fashion, any thing associated to motivation, and organization.  I also try to always have one classic that I read bits and pieces of since I find that I rushed through so many of them getting them read for assignments that I didn't have the chance to just enjoy them.

Writing this has helped me focus on just how good the books in my stack look.  Since it's my birthday, I'm looking forward to sitting back maybe with a beverage or two, and getting lost in a good book.


Packing for Paris

Tiffany Passport Case

Okay, so I'm not packing yet, but I am starting to think about what I'm going to take when we leave for Paris next month.  The first thing I started thinking about was luggage.  I'm not a good traveler.  I do fine on road trips, but I'm a very nervous flyer.  I usually take one long flight a year, so I know exactly how I act.  Because I'm nervous, I start second guessing everything.  I check and double check that I have my identification, my phone, etc.  I usually take a soft-sided bag as a carry-on, and that adds to the anxiety because things shift around so much during the flight.  To try to avoid some of the stress, I chose this hard-sided Hartmann cosmetics case as my carry on, hoping that everything will be easy to see and to find.  

I also chose this Tiffany passport case as a way of dealing with the momentary terror I get about, oh, every 4 minutes or so when I look through my bag and can't find my id.  This bright, patent Tiffany blue case should be instantly recognizable every time I open my bag.  That doesn't mean I won't keep checking for it, but the process should be quicker and easier.  Ironically, I've never been on a long flight with my husband, and I'm hoping that flying with him will make this trip easier, too.  


Gifts Fit for a Niece

Has your fall been as crazy as mine has been so far?  The combination of back to school, back to dance, work, birthdays, and planning for an upcoming big vacation has me feeling stretched a little too thin.  It's my husband's birthday this weekend, and shish, don't tell him, but I still haven't picked up his gift yet.  Put that on my crazy to-do list.  Oh, it's already there.  But the last birthday was my elder nieces.  Thank goodness I find her an easy person to buy for, so coming up with a list of options wasn't hard.  She loves to bake, so the Philosophy Cookie Exchange Set was the first thing that popped into my head.  She's always wearing delicate necklaces with a simple charm, so when I saw this necklace from BaubleBar, it immediately went on the list.  I was never one of those dream moms who could take the fully stocked picnic basket to the park as well as flowers, a beautiful blanket to sit on, and the camera to document the event, but she really is, so I know she'd be picture perfect with the Hillside Basket.  She and I share a love of all things Coach, and when I think of her, she makes me think "pink," so this Legacy bag would be a perfect fit.  If you have kids (and maybe if you don't), just admit it: you have something from Pottery Barn Kids in your house and not necessarily in one of the kids rooms.  I actually have a smaller version of this mirror in my closet, so I know she could fit it into the decor somewhere.